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The Pangal landslide complex, Cachapoal basin, central Chile (34°S): An example of a multi-temporal slope instability cluster in the Andes

Sepúlveda, S., Moreiras, S., Chacón, D., Villaseñor, T., Jeanneret, P., Poblete, F.

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Magma buoyancy drives rhyolitic eruptions: A tale from the VEI 5 2008-2009 Chaitén eruption (Chile) from seismological and geodetic data

Delgado, F., Contreras-Arratia, R., Samsonov, S. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (Volume 590, mayo 2022)

Huentelauquén coastal groups in the Andean highlands? An assessment of human occupations of the Early Holocene in Salar de Pedernales, Chile (26°S, 3356 masl)

López, P., Carrasco, C., Loyola, R., Flores-Aqueveque, V., Maldonado, A., Santana-Sagredo, F., Méndez, V., Díaz, P., Varas, D., Soto, A. 2022: PaleoAmerica

3He/4He Signature of Magmatic Fluids from Telica (Nicaragua) and Baru (Panama) Volcanoes, Central American Volcanic Arc

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“Physical and chemical evolution of the largest monogenetic lava field in the Central Andes: El Negrillar Volcanic Field, Chile"

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Did a 3800-year-old Mw ~9.5 earthquake trigger major social disruption in the Atacama Desert?

Easton, G.; Salazar, D.; Goff, J.; Guendon, J.; González-Alfaro, J.; Andrade, P.; Villagrán, X.; Fuentes, M.; León, T.; y otros 2022: Science Advances (vol. 8, no. 14)

Complex Rupture of the 2015 Mw 8.3 Illapel Earthquake and Prehistoric Events in the Central Chile Tsunami Gap

Easton, G.; González‐Alfaro, J.; Villalobos, A.; Álvarez, G.; Melgar, D.; Ruiz, S.; Sepúlveda, B.; Escobar, M.; León, T.; Báez, J.C.; Izquierdo, T.; Forch, M. & Abad, M. 2022: Seismological Research Letters

Evolution of Glacial Lake Cochrane During the Last Glacial Termination, Central Chilean Patagonia (∼47°S)

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On the genesis of a massive Holocene rock avalanche deposit in the Yeso River catchment, Andes Cordillera of central Chile

Melo, V.; Easton, G. & Rebolledo, S.  2022: Geomorphology, pp. 108214

Variability of the Southwestern Patagonia (51°S) Winds in the Recent (1980–2020) Period: Implications for Past Wind Reconstructions

Gómez-Fontealba, C.; Flores-Aqueveque, V. & Alfaro, S.C. 2022: ​Atmosphere, vol 13, no 2, pp. 206