How to apply?

Each postgraduate program of the Department of Geology at the University of Chile has specific requirements but all of them require that applicants meet the specified requirements and send the documentation within the established deadlines.

Consider that all programs are fully face-to-face, so you need to be based in Santiago for coursework.

All applications must be made through the FCFM U-Campus platform: selecting the option "online application". The one that is enabled only on the days that applications are open to each program.

Any application or document sent after the deadline will not be evaluated and, therefore, the application will be rejected.


  • Possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, awarded by the University of Chile or another University or an equivalent level of education that ensures satisfactory University-level training for the purposes and requirements of the program.
  • Average of grades equal to or higher than 5.0 (in a 1 to 7.0 scale) that certifies a adequate academic performance.
  • Have a topic for research that is inserted in a project. Our program does not have topics to offer at this time.
  • Letter that shows funding for tuition, fees and thesis. This is either from the supervisor of the project, an external grant or scholarship, or through self-funding.
  • Letter of support from the supervisor at UChile who must be a member of the postgraduate committee of the respective program.

Required documents

1. Letter of Intent or Motivation to enter the Program
2. Annex that includes:

  • Title of the Thesis.
  • Name of the Supervisor.
  • Name and code of the Project.
  • Brief summary of the thesis topic.

3. Curriculum Vitae

4. Original certificates of degrees and academic qualifications.

The Certificate of Qualifications must contain the approved and failed courses and final averages. Certificates that only show approved courses will be discarded.

Students with a degree in Geology from the Department of Geology of the University of Chile do not need to submit a certificate of grades or degree.

5. Letter from the proposed Supervisor, where the applicant's qualities and suitability are discussed.
6. Two (2) letters of recommendation from professors with whom they previously studied.
7. Letter of financing in order to support the thesis (fieldwork financing, laboratory tests, sample shipments, etc.) issued and signed by those directly responsible for the Project (i.e. Supervisor).
8. Certificate of payment of fees, issued and signed by those responsible.

The applicant who will pay their fees with their own resources must attach an original proof of payment.

Additional documents for foreign students

  • Certificate of title and degree (i.e. transcript and diploma), visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Consulate of Chile in your country in PDF format. This is a straightforward process but requires getting your degrees validated in your home country (at the national level), prior to sending it to the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Chile for approval (i.e. validation).

    The certificate of grades (i.e. transcript) must contain the approved, failed and final averages courses. Certificates that only show approved courses will be discarded.

    If accepted, you must deliver the originals during the registration period.

    If the title is not in Spanish it must include a "translation of the title", endorsed by a suitable professional translator.
  •  Table of equivalence of grades (our scale is from 1.0 to 7.0, with the minimum passing grade being 4.0).

    Final recommendations

    The letters should be addressed to the Doctorate Committee or Master's Committee, as appropriate.

    The application letter will be submitted only if the interested party has entered the name of the scholarship to which they apply. To obtain it, you must request it to

    The letter of acceptance to the respective program is delivered by email to the Postgraduate School, once the interested party has successfully completed his / her application.

    All the signed documentation must be delivered in original at the moment of being accepted by the program in the Postgraduate Secretariat, located on the first floor of the Department of Geology, Teaching Secretary, with Mrs. Maritza Acuña Hurtado. The hours of operation are from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00 hrs.

    For more information, please contact the Postgraduate secretariat exclusively by email