The Department of Geology is part of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) at the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile, and is dedicated to the study of the Earth. Geology is a complex discipline within the physical and natural sciences that focuses on the processes that shape the evolution of the planet Earth through the study of terrestrial materials.

The Department is active in teaching, research, and dissemination of information related to Geological Sciences with the purpose of generating, developing, integrating, and communicating this knowledge both within Chile and globally.

The study of Geology, including knowledge of the scientific method and hypothesis testing to understand and manage of natural resources, natural hazards, and the environment in a sustainable way, helps to raise the quality of life of societies globally.

Department mission

To positively contribute to the national identity and address the problems and needs of the country by supporting the continuous improvement and evolution of the educational system and scientific research in relation to Geological Sciences.

To fulfill this mission, we offer an Undergraduate degree, and postgraduate Master of Science (MSc) degrees and Doctor of Science (DSc) degrees in Geology. All of these degrees focus on developing scientific research at the highest level, through teaching and mentorship of our students, and through a transfer of knowledge to the greater society.

Department vision

  • To be recognized as a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research and training entity in Geological Sciences both nationally and internationally.
  • To be renowned internationally regarding the generation of innovative knowledge regarding the geology of the Andes.
  • Maintain and strengthen leadership through the training of professionals and scientists in Geological Sciences within the framework of the national system of higher education.
  • To be a training center for undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world, with an active exchange of students from Universities both in South America and globally.
  • Maintain and strengthen the Department of Geology as a pillar of excellence within the national and international scientific community.
  • To strengthen the participation and influence of the Department in the development and cartaking of public policies in all matters pertaining to Geological Sciences.
  • To be recognized as a leading institution that provides society with well-trained professionals and world class knowledge that aids for the exploration and sustainable exploitation of natural resources and the understanding and mitigation of natural hazards.