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A secondary precious and base metal mineralization in chromitites linked to the development of a Paleozoic accretionary complex in Central Chile González-Jiménez, J. M.; Barra, F.; Garrido, L. N. F.; Reich, M.; Satsukawa, T.; Romero, R.; Salazar, E.; Colás, V.; Orellana, F.; Rabbia, O.; Plissart, G.; Morata, D. 2016: Ore Geology Reviews, v. 78, p. 14-40.
Active tectonics west of New Zealand’s Alpine Fault: South Westland Fault Zone activity shows Australian Plate instability De Pascale, G. P.; Chandler-Yates, N.; Dela Pena, F.; Wilson, P.; May, E.; Twiss, A.; Cheng, C. 2016: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 43, no. 7, p. 3120-3125.
Assessment of high enthalpy geothermal resources and promising areas of Chile Aravena, D.; Munoz, M.; Morata, D.; Lahsen, A.; Parada, M. A.; Dobson, P. 2016: Geothermics, v. 59, p. 1-13.
Characterization of the Hydrothermal System of the Tinguiririca Volcanic Complex, Central Chile, using Structural Geology and Passive seismic tomography Pavez, C.; Tapia, F.; Comte, D.; Gutiérrez, F. Charrier, R.; Benavente, O. 2016: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 310, p. 107-117.
Chemical and isotopic features of cold and thermal fluids discharged in the Southern Volcanic Zone between 32.5 degrees S and 36 degrees S: Insights into the physical and chemical processes controlling fluid geochemistry in geothermal systems of Central Chile Benavente, O.; Tassi, F.; Reich, M.; Aguilera, F.; Capecchiacci, F.; Gutierrez, F.; Vaselli, O.; Rizzo, A. 2016: Chemical Geology, v. 420, p. 97-113.
Eruptive activity of Planchon-Peteroa volcano for period 2010-2011, Southern Andean Volcanic Zone, Chile Aguilera, F.; Benavente, O.; Gutierrez, F.; Romero, J.; Saltori, O.; Gonzalez, R.; Agusto, M.; Caselli, A.; Pizarro, M. 2016: Andean Geology, v. 43, no. 1, p. 20-46.
Exploring the structural controls on helium, nitrogen and carbon isotope signatures in hydrothermal fluids along an intra-arc fault system Tardani, D.; Reich, M.; Roulleau, E.; Takahata, N.; Sano, Y.; Perez-Flores, P.; Sanchez-Alfaro, P.; Cembrano, J.; Arancibia, G. 2016: Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 184, p. 193-211.
Evolución Geodinámica de los Andes de Argentina, Chile y la Península Antártica durante el Neoproterozoico superior y el Paleozoico Heredia, N.; García-Sansegundo, J.; Gallastegui, G.; Farias, P.; Giacosa, R.; Alonso, J.L.; Busquets, P.; Charrier, R.; Clariana, P.; Colombo, F.; Cuesta, A.; Gallastegui, J.; Giambiagi, L.; González-Menéndez, L.; Limarino, C.O.; Martín-Gonz_alez, F.; Pedreira, D.; Quintana, L.; Rodríguez-Fernández, L.R.; Rubio-Ordóñez, A.; Seggiaro, R.; Serra-Varela, S.; Spalletti, L.; Cardó, R.; Ramos, V.A. 2016: Trabajos de Geología, v. 36, p. 237-278.
Fe-O stable isotope pairs elucidate a high-temperature origin of Chilean iron oxide-apatite deposits Bilenker, L. D.; Simon, A. C.; Reich, M.; Lundstrom, C. C.; Gajos, N.; Bindeman, I.; Barra, F.; Munizaga, R. 2016: Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 177, p. 94-104.
Geochemistry of fluid discharges from Peteroa volcano (Argentina-Chile) in 2010-2015: Insights into compositional changes related to the fluid source region(s) Tassi, F.; Aguilera, F.; Benavente, O.; Paonita, A.; Chiodini, G.; Caliro, S.; Agusto, M., Gutierrez, F.; Capaccioni, B.; Vaselli, O.; Caselli, A.; Saltori, O. 2016: Chemical Geology, v. 432, p. 41-53
Hydrothermal alteration and its effects on the magnetic properties of Los Pelambres, a large multistage porphyry copper deposit Tapia, J.; Townley, B.; Córdova, L.; Poblete, F.; Arriagada, C. 2016: Journal of Applied Geophysics, v. 132, p. 125-136.
Illitization sequence controlled by temperature in volcanic geothermal systems: the Tinguiririca geothermal field, Andean Cordillera, Central Chile Vázquez, M.; Bauluz, B.; Nieto, F.; Morata, D. 2016: Applied Clay Science, v. 134, p. 221-234.
Iodine budget in surface waters from Atacama: Natural and anthropogenic iodine sources revealed by halogen geochemistry and iodine-129 isotopes Álvarez, F.; Reich, M.; Snyder, G.; Pérez-Fodich, A.; Muramatsu, Y.; Daniele, L.; Fehn, U. 2016: Applied Geochemistry, v. 68, p. 53-63.
Late Cretaceous-early Eocene counterclockwise rotation of the Fueguian Andes and evolution of the Patagonia-Antarctic Peninsula system Poblete, F.; Roperch, P.; Arriagada, C.; Ruffet, G.; Ramírez de Arellano, C.; Hervé, F.; Poujol, M. 2016: Tectonophysics, v. 668–669, p. 15-34.
Late Oligocene-early Miocene submarine volcanism and deep-marine sedimentation in an extensional basin of southern Chile: Implications for the tectonic development of the North Patagonian Andes Encinas, A.; Folguera, A.; Oliveros, V.; Del Mauro, L. D.; Tapia, F.; Riffo, R.; Herve, F.; Finger, K. L.; Valencia, V. A.; Gianni, G.; Alvarez, O. 2016: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 128, no. 5-6, p. 807-823.
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Oroclinal bending of the Juan Fernández Ridge suggested by geohistory analysis of the Bahía Inglesa Formation, north-central Chile Le Roux, J. P.; Achurra, L.; Henríquez, Á.; Carreño, C.; Rivera, H.; Suárez, M. E.; Ishman, S. E.; Pyenson, N. D.; Gutstein, C. S. 2016: Sedimentary Geology, v. 333, p. 32-49.
Physical, chemical and mineralogical evolution of the Tolhuaca geothermal system, southern Andes, Chile: Insights into the interplay between hydrothermal alteration and brittle deformation Sánchez-Alfaro, P.; Reich, M.; Arancibia, G.; Pérez-Flores, P.; Cembrano, J.; Driesner, T.; Lizama, M.; Rowland, J.; Morata, D.; Heinrich, C.A.; Tardani, D.; Campos, E. 2016: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 324, p. 88-104.
Provenance of the Miocene Alto Tunuyán Basin (33º40'S, Argentina) and its implications for the evolution of the Andean Range: insights from petrography and U-Pb LA-ICPMS zircon ages Porras, H.; Pinto, L.; Tunik, M.; Giambiagi, L.; Deckart, K. 2016: Tectonophysics, v. 690, p. 298-317.
Regolith production and chemical weathering of granitic rocks in central Chile Vázquez, M.; Ramírez, S.; Morata, D.; Reich, M.; Braun, J.J.; Carretier, S. 2016: Chemical Geology, v. 446, p. 87-98.
Resistivity distribution from mid-crustal conductor to near-surface across the 1200 km long Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault System, southern Chile Held, S.; Schill, E.; Pavez, M.; Díaz, D.; Munoz, G.; Morata, D.; Kohl, T. 2016: Geophysical Journal International, v. 207, p. 1387-1400
Resolving the paradigm of the late Paleozoic–Triassic Chilean magmatism: Isotopic approach Del Rey, A.; Deckart, K.; Arriagada, C.; Martínez, F. 2016: Gondwana Research, v. 37, p. 172-181. 
Slip segmentation and slow rupture to the trench during the 2015, M(w)8.3 Illapel, Chile earthquake Melgar, D.; Fan, W. Y.; Riquelme, S.; Geng, J. H.; Liang, C. R.; Fuentes, M.; Easton Vargas, G.; Allen, R. M.; Shearer, P. M.; Fielding, E. J. 2016: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 43, no. 3, p. 961-966.
Tectonic styles and crustal shortening of the Central Andes “Pampean” flat-slab segment in northern Chile (27-29°S) Martínez, F.; Arriagada, C.; Peña, M.; Deckart, K.; Charrier, R. 2016: Tectonophysics, v. 667, p. 144-162.
The effect of dynamic loading on the shear strength of pyroclastic Ash Deposits and implications for landslide hazard: The case of Pudahuel Ignimbrite, Chile Sepúlveda, S. A.; Petley, D. N.; Brain, M. J.; Tunstall, N. 2016: Engineering Geology, v. 205, p. 54-61.
The Marianas-San Marcos vein system: characteristics of a shallow low sulfidation epithermal Au–Ag deposit in the Cerro Negro district, Deseado Massif, Patagonia, Argentina Vidal, C. P.; Guido, D. M.; Jovic, S. M.; Bodnar, R. J.; Moncada, D.; Melgarejo, J. C.; Hames, W. 2016: Mineralium Deposita, v. 51, no. 6, pp 725–748.
The Patricia Zn-Pb-Ag epithermal ore deposit: An uncommon type of mineralization in northeastern Chile Chinchilla, D.; Ortega, L.; Piña, R.; Merinero, R.; Moncada, D.; Bodnar, R. J.; Quesada, C.; Valverde, A.; Lunar, R. 2016: Ore Geology Reviews, v. 73, p. 104-126.
The pre-Mesozoic rocks of northern Chile: U-Pb ages, and Hf and O isotopes Pankhurst, R. J.; Herve, F.; Fanning, C. M.; Calderon, M.; Niemeyer, H.; Griem-Klee, S.; Soto, F. 2016: Earth-Science Reviews, v. 152, p. 88-105.
Trace element signature of pyrite from the los colorados iron oxide-apatite (IOA) Deposit, Chile: A missing link between andean ioa and iron oxide copper-gold systems? Reich, M.; Simon, A. C.; Deditius, A.; Barra, F.; Chryssoulis, S.; Lagas, G.; Tardani, D.; Knipping, J.; Bilenker, L.; Sánchez-Alfaro; P.; Roberts, M. P.; Munizaga, R. 2016: Economic Geology, v. 111, no. 3, p. 743-761.
Tracing ancient events in the lithospheric mantle: A case study from ophiolitic chromitites of SW Turkey Akbulut, M.; González-Jiménez, J. M.; Griffin, W. L.; Belousova, E.; O’Reilly, S. Y.; McGowan, N.; Pearson, N. 2016: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, v. 119, p. 1-19.
Unraveling the Peruvian Phase of the Central Andes: Stratigraphy, sedimentology and geochronology of the Salar de Atacama Basin (22°30-23°S), northern Chile Bascuñán, S.; Arriagada, C.; Le Roux, J.; Deckart, K. 2016: Basin Research, v. 28, no. 3, p. 365-392.
Very low-grade secondary minerals as indicators of palaeo-hydrothermal systems in the Upper Cretaceous volcanic succession of Hannah Point, Livingston Island, Antarctica Bastias, J.; Fuentes, F.; Aguirre, L.; Hervé, F.; Demant, A.; Deckart, K.; Torres, T. 2016: Applied Clay Science, v. 134, no. 3, p. 246-256.