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A genetic link between magnetite mineralization and diorite intrusion at the El Romeral iron oxide-apatite deposit, northern Chile Rojas, P.A.; Barra, F.; Reich, M.; Deditius, A.; Simon, A.; Uribe, F.; Romero, R.; Rojo, M. 2018: Mineralium Deposita, vol. 53, pp. 947-966.
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Abrupt increase in the coastal uplift and earthquake rate since ~40 ka at the northern Chile seismic gap in the Central Andes González-Alfaro J.; Easton Vargas G.; Ortlieb L.; González G.; Ruiz S., Báez J.C.; Mandeng-Yogo M.; Caquineau S., Álvarez G.; del Campo F.; del Río I. 2018: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 502, pp. 32-45.
Applications of low enthalpy geothermal energy: the case of the faculty of physical and mathematical sciences at the university of Chile Mac-Lean, C.; Cabezas, R.; Muñoz, M.; Vargas, L. 2018: International Journal of Energy Production and Management, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 69 - 78.
Assessing mantle versus crustal sources for non-volcanic degassing along fault zones in the actively extending southern Apennines mountain belt (Italy) Ascione, A.; Ciotoli, G.; Bigi, S.; Buscher, J.; Mazzoli, S.; Ruggiero, L.; Sciarra, A.; Tartarello, M.C.; Valente, E. 2018: Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol. 130, no. 9/10, pp. 1697-1722.
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From the use of space to territorialisation during the Early Holocene in Taltal, coastal Atacama Desert, Chile Salazar, D.; Arenas, C.; Andrade, P.; Olguín, L.; Torres, J.; Flores, C.; Easton Vargas, G.; Rebolledo, S. Borie, C.; Sandoval, C.; Silva, C.; Delgado, A.; Lira, N.; Robles, C. 2018: Quaternary International, vol. 473, parte B, pp. 225-241.
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Misleading urbanization? The San Ramon fault as a new seismic risk scenario and the sustainability of Santiago, Chile Easton Vargas, G.; Inzulza Contardo, J.; Pérez Tello, S.; Ejsmentewicz Cáceres, D.; Jiménez Yáñez, C. 2018: Revista de Urbanismo, vol. 38, pp. 1-20.
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New contributions to the understanding of Kiruna-type iron oxide-apatite deposits revealed by magnetite ore and gangue mineral geochemistry at the El Romeral deposit, Chile Rojas, P.A.; Barra, F.; Deditius, A.; Reich, M.; Simon, A.; Roberts, M.; Rojo, M. 2018 : Ore Geology Reviews, vol. 93, pp. 413-435.
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