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Decoding subcontinental lithosphere processes: The key role of fractional crystallization in Central Andes monogenetic volcanism-Insight from El Negrillar volcanic field, Chile

Daniela Parra-Encalada, Patricia Larrea, Camila Loaiza, Rubén Cartagena, Sergio Salinas, Benigno Godoy, Petrus Le Roux Lithos, 107427

The temporal evolution of monogenetic volcanism in the Central Andes: 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of El Negrillar volcanic field, Chile

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Deciphering the sources and processes feeding young monogenetic volcanoes from the Michoacán Guanajuato Volcanic Field (Mexico): A study case of El Astillero and El Pedregal

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Megalandslides and deglaciation: modelling of two case studies in the central Andes

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Evidencias de expansión del deslizamiento activo de Yerba Loca, Andes centrales

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